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SildaMax 100 mg

SildaMax 100 mg

Sildenafil is the generic Viagra with the same or better results and less side effects!

Effect of Sildenafil

Play two substances (enzymes) in the development of a major erection. An enzyme that provides additional blood to the penis, and an enzyme which inhibits this enzyme feed. Sildenafil blocks the action of the second enzyme. This may make it easier for blood flow into the penis and the blood stays there better. This enhances the erection function.


Take Sildenafil half an hour to one hour before sexual activity with some water. How fast it works exactly, varies per person. On average it takes about half an hour. Do not take more often than once a day in Sildenafil. The risk of side effects remains limited. After about 4 hours, it is worked out.

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