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Vardeforce 20 mg - 1 strip á 10 pillen, in totaal 10 pillen

Vardeforce 20 mg - 1 strip á 10 pillen, in totaal 10 pillen
Vardeforce 20 mg - 1 strip á 10 pillen, in totaal 10 pillen
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Order Vardeforce 20mg? This pill has Vardenafil as well as the Vilitra, Levitra, Snovitra and Valif pills as active ingredient. This rose/purple pill a 20 mg has the same effect as the yellow Vilitra and Valif 20 mg pills, so a guarantee for a hard and long erection is a fact. The strips contain 10 pills and have a long use-by date (see our overview on our homepage). So for enough sex fun!  The pills have an effect of between 4 and 7 hours! The action of the pill that you can best take with water will start within 30 minutes. The Vardeforce pills will replace the Vilitra pills that are increasingly difficult to obtain or are too expensive to purchase for us.

Vardeforce 20mg should not be used by men with serious cardiovascular diseases, high or low blood pressure or problems with clotting of blood!  We recommend that all patients with cardiovascular diseases consult their doctor. Even if you take nitrogen-based medicines, you should not use Vardeforce 20mg, without consulting your doctor. Do not use Vardeforce 20mg if you have an allergy to vardenafil!

If you are taking other medicines or suffering from other serious diagnoses, discuss the use of this product with your doctor!

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Update : 24-04-2021
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